Sunday, September 25, 2011

kindergarten by numbers.

We're still adjusting to having to be somewhere every morning of the week. Here's our progress report in numbers:
Miles to the old school: 15
Miles to the new school: 3 THANK YOU, SWEET JESUS
New friends: Many
Forgotten socks: 2
Tardy slips: 1
Tall whole milk lattes: numerous
Dress up days: 3
This girl takes it all in stride. She loves school, loves her teacher, loves life. She was chosen to be Friend of the Day, which is a very big deal around here. Her faves are computers and library. She also enjoyed Neon Day.
Her mother, who has become quite the lazy bones is still mourning the loss of leisurely mornings with coffee and Sesame, but we are enjoying this new normal, while it lasts.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

dear ingrid.

Today you are six months old. You do all of the usual things. You roll over, you suck your two fingers, you laugh at your own self, you laugh at your brother and sister. You trick your dad into thinking you're in pain so I'll come home early. You are a funny little imp.

Since the beginning, you've been easy. I never really had to do much to get you to go to sleep or stay asleep until a reasonable hour. You just did it on your own, and for that I say, THANK YOU. You've also never been a huge crier. I know a certain 5 year old who probably cries more than you do at 6 months, not mentioning any names.

But, your new thing is doing this ridiculous fake-cry cough when I attempt to change your diaper each morning. Apparently, you are starving and would rather eat in a diaper full of pee than wait one more minute to nurse. Anyway, during the last few days when I pick you up and you start in on that cough-cry thing, I started doing it back. We crack ourselves up with that one. You get this funny smile like, "you caught me, Mama."

Your favorite place to be is snuggled in my arms and you are happiest with your brother and sister close by. Each morning we have a family cuddle up which sounds cozier than it is. It often resembles a wrestling match. But before the craziness inevitably erupts, you take it all in, soaking in the cuddles like you've been here with us along. Hunca Munca, it feels like you have.

Friday, September 16, 2011

what a girl wants.

My easy peasy 3rd baby cried for an hour tonight while the dada tried unsuccessfully to comfort her. He sent me a text:
Ingrid is in pain.

So I came home. I could hear her screams from the driveway. Her eyes were red. When I walked into the house she looked up, stopped crying and smiled. Well played, Pumpkin.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

deja you.

When Claire was three, she attended a once-a-week preschool at BSF, while I was at bible study in the building. Two years later, this crazy fool went too.
I love that they both have the same nervous smile and unsure hands.
He did great. When I arrived, he was sitting in the circle and listening to the story. Here are his impressions:
"I mixed the play doh, Mom."
"Why we have to be quiet?" (during the very short 'quiet time.')
"I'm not telling you the bible story, Mom."
"We got crackers."

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


This one was a tiny bit excited about starting kindergarten today.
I snapped photos all the way in and she posed her brains out, happy that baby sister and wild man brother were at home with dad.

*Not pictured: When I come to pick her up baby sister has an epic poop explosion so I have to carry her "bum first" to the door to get Claire. In the meantime, wild man brother, wearing pink cowgirl boots and swim trunks, decides it's go time and starts looking for somewhere to pee. Thankfully, I travel with a potty in the back of my car so he uses that while I strip baby sister down and into a new diaper. We head home, half naked and in cowgirl boots, hillybilly style.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

mama once told me you're already home when you feel loved.

Wow. Do I feel like a grown up this week. The Christmas that I was pregnant with Claire, we decided to remodel the house- mainly in preparation for her arrival that spring. It felt like an incredible inconvenience.

When Everett was one, we gutted our kitchen. He watched and cried as Nate demolished our cabinetry, because he wanted to help that bad. We hosted our home group without flooring or running water. Nate installed the new floors one long night by himself because we couldn't leave the stuff out the next day with two kids around. It felt like an incredible inconvenience.

Friday night Nate removed the walls, floor and ceiling from Everett's gross little bedroom. We slept three little ones together. We have foregone naps for five days. We hosted a very fun worker-guy birthday party on little sleep and lots of grace. It makes those earlier inconveniences feel a lot more convenient. I am convinced that I am going to look back on these years as precious. Even the lack of sleep. Even these three inconvenient ones that make my life so wonderfully messy.

Monday, September 05, 2011

happy birthday, mister.

Here's one.
And today you are 3. It is going so fast. You helped dad pound nails into walls this weekend as he remodeled your bedroom. I think that and riding the forklift were your favorite parts of the day. Party, cake, pinata, gifts were all second to just being with your dad and working. I couldn't love you more, Big Man.