Sunday, September 18, 2011

dear ingrid.

Today you are six months old. You do all of the usual things. You roll over, you suck your two fingers, you laugh at your own self, you laugh at your brother and sister. You trick your dad into thinking you're in pain so I'll come home early. You are a funny little imp.

Since the beginning, you've been easy. I never really had to do much to get you to go to sleep or stay asleep until a reasonable hour. You just did it on your own, and for that I say, THANK YOU. You've also never been a huge crier. I know a certain 5 year old who probably cries more than you do at 6 months, not mentioning any names.

But, your new thing is doing this ridiculous fake-cry cough when I attempt to change your diaper each morning. Apparently, you are starving and would rather eat in a diaper full of pee than wait one more minute to nurse. Anyway, during the last few days when I pick you up and you start in on that cough-cry thing, I started doing it back. We crack ourselves up with that one. You get this funny smile like, "you caught me, Mama."

Your favorite place to be is snuggled in my arms and you are happiest with your brother and sister close by. Each morning we have a family cuddle up which sounds cozier than it is. It often resembles a wrestling match. But before the craziness inevitably erupts, you take it all in, soaking in the cuddles like you've been here with us along. Hunca Munca, it feels like you have.