Sunday, September 25, 2011

kindergarten by numbers.

We're still adjusting to having to be somewhere every morning of the week. Here's our progress report in numbers:
Miles to the old school: 15
Miles to the new school: 3 THANK YOU, SWEET JESUS
New friends: Many
Forgotten socks: 2
Tardy slips: 1
Tall whole milk lattes: numerous
Dress up days: 3
This girl takes it all in stride. She loves school, loves her teacher, loves life. She was chosen to be Friend of the Day, which is a very big deal around here. Her faves are computers and library. She also enjoyed Neon Day.
Her mother, who has become quite the lazy bones is still mourning the loss of leisurely mornings with coffee and Sesame, but we are enjoying this new normal, while it lasts.


Des said...

oh the skirt and socks is just too much cuteness! love that girl!

Anonymous said...

that second picture of claire is fantastic!!! and who doesn't love neon day?

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