Sunday, October 16, 2011

another runner.

This girl ran around the track at her school 11 times on Friday morning. 11 times, folks. Without stopping. Without complaining. Without asking for a snack.

I watched as this big girl ran her heart out raising money for her school, holding hands with friends as she ran, smiling and waving. Lately, things with Claire can feel complicated. She is five and questions everything I say. She demands more than I have to give. We are still adjusting to mornings apart, to a newish baby. But this day, it was easy. She ran. I watched.
This girl has stood on the sidelines and cheered for me during races. Friday it was my turn to be her cheering section. And I loved it.


Jennipher said...

go claire! this is so great:) hurray for easy days.

cmhd said...

Awesome job, Claire!

Anonymous said...

Oma is so proud of you!!