Friday, October 07, 2011

the newest normal.

The days of taking a morning nap with one tiny babe sprawled across my chest have been over for about five years.
The days of making dinner while my 2 kids nap in the afternoon have been over for about 2.
The days of grocery shopping with the little cart while Claire is at school are on hold.
Our newest normal is a napping baby and puzzles or playing with this big guy, who is happy to stay home in his spiderman slippers.

"You look at him like you've just seen your first trans am.*"

Better than a trans am, this one.

*This quote's for you, Scoobs.


Anonymous said...

ROCKIN'QUOTE KAR!!! i was celebrating it and laughing even before i saw it was for me! :) and you guys are both looking at each other that way..what a wonderful and blessed family you have!
love you.

Jennipher said...

the best blessed. soak it up girl:) xo