Thursday, November 17, 2011

brownie roundup

Apparently, I bake a lot of brownies. If you have a baby, there is a high likelihood that I will be bringing you a batch of post partum brownies. Here's the rundown of the best and worst brownie recipes that I've tried:

Best Idea Ever- Brownies + Cheesecake. Yes, please.

Best Gluten Free- I got this recipe to make for a gluten-free friend. They are perfect. These are our favorite brownies.

Most Unusual-I made these a few years ago. The recipe was super-fussy, but worth it. Even my 80 year old neighbor liked them.

Only Good in Theory "Healthy" Brownie-Did I ever tell you about that one time I made brownies that had black beans in them? It wasn't pretty.

Horriblest "Healthy" Brownie-These are gluten-free but why would you want to eat these when you can eat the Goddess ones???
These will be going to baby Liam and his parents tomorrow because I didn't have all the right kind of chocolate for my usual ones. Everett didn't seem to mind.


Des said...

kar- i am feeling a little jipped that i didnt get my postpartum brownies last time. I am having another baby just for the brownies...

Laurie said...

Des~ I'll make you brownies anytime! You don't even need to have a baby but I'm glad you are... having another baby and do you know if it's a baby sister or a baby brother???

Des said...

laurie, i never turn down a chance at chocolate! oh and i am super annoying and letting it be a surprise!