Wednesday, November 02, 2011

the why.

I maintain that the only reason to go to the dollar store is to purchase pregnancy tests. And I do not need one of those (I plan to post a vasectomy soup recipe later this month). However, I broke our family rule against dollar store purchases yesterday when I traded each kid all but 4 pieces of Halloween candy in exchange for $5.

I liked the idea of them choosing 5 items. Auntie Mel and I loaded up the kids and headed to the Dollar Store. They were fans. Each got 5 quality Chinese toys and I got to marvel at my sweet seven (!) month old baby, smiling like a Buick. Like she always does.


Jennipher said...

Ingrid! thanks for another pic of that sweet face! great idea about the candy...I'm donating ours to the trash can...the only thing that benefits from these things:)

katie said...

"vasectomy soup" sounds a little creepy... ha

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