Tuesday, December 20, 2011

all over town.

We are no longer the family with a school bus. It was fun while it lasted. And making fun of Nate for buying it was a fun perk too. The school bus is on its way to the bay area to enjoy a new life with a very excited and nervous young man. The kids asked me why we were selling it. I said, as I always tell them, that it was time. That we'd enjoyed the bus and that now it was time for a new adventure. I also mentioned that maybe next we'll get a submarine. Their eyes lit up. "Really? What's a submarine?"
I love that we live a life full of possibility and adventure. Even if I am usually the one who frowns on strange purchases like short buses. Thanks, Nater for not being ordinary. I love you.


Laurie said...

even though the bus is gone the memories will last a long long time! love that picture. can i see some more?

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