Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Loves helping with dishes. Loves salad. Loves to "shake the dressing." Loves listening to the song "Pumped up Kicks" way too much. Loves snuggies.

He sat quietly in the library today with hands folded and listened to all of the stories. A year ago, I would leave the library near tears, near cursing as he would sprint out of the children's room, unlocking the safety gate. I would waddle after him, unable to catch up or lift him. My life felt hard and small.

He still lets me rock him. This is not a small thing. During those months that I couldn't hold him I felt like I was missing it. Like he wouldn't be a baby by the time life felt normal again. But at 3, he is a treasure. And I feel like those months destroyed by locusts and uncomfortable pregnancy have been given back to me.


Des said...

thanks for the reminder that all is not lost when our baby is no longer our baby

Anonymous said...

Some handsome boy got a haircut!!:)


PS I'm buying some REALLY COOL stickers for Friday....

Their Giant said...

Handsome boy needs a haricut! You'll see Friday, mom. He looks like he's straight out of the 70's!

He'll be thrilled for stickers!

cmhd said...

Love that he is back to snuggling. Yay for snuggly boys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the reminder that these Crazy boy days will become sweet again! As my 2 year old runs crazy wherever we are. I am afraid to take him anywhere and the other 2 are embarrassed by him. But, I love him so much and I feel sorry for him sometimes when people don't want to be around him. I know I have been through this at least once, hard to remember that we got to the other side! :0)

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