Monday, January 23, 2012

traditions: the friday night sleepover.

A wise friend suggested friday night sleepovers for the big kids and they have been a hit. They love to sleep in each other's rooms. They look forward to it all week. It's adorable to see them become friends and to watch Mister become a big brother. Recently, I asked if he liked being a big brother and he said, "Ingrid is special to me, Mom."
Unrelated: do you know how hard it is to get a decent photo with all 3 kids in it? Nearly impossible. Someone is always crying, someone is making a pooping face and someone is intentionally hiding behind his baby sister. Back when I had one baby, I took great pictures. Just saying.


cmhd said...

Cute pictures, even though Ev is hiding. And Igrid's eyes sometimes look really blue, but the bottom pic makes them look brown. Are they magic? :)

Their Giant said...

they're blue :)
Just highly edited.

Jennipher said...

Sorry...bad grammar in the last attempt. I was going to say...Friday Night Sleepovers rule..and I have yet to master a great photo of all three:) xo

cmhd said...

Gotcha. and I meant *iNgrid* not Igrid. :)