Wednesday, February 08, 2012

funny valentines.

Just because I love this girl and I love this hat and I love that we get to use it one more time:

We made pinterest inspired Valentines this week. Easy peasy photos of the kids holding a big stick in front of the chalkboard that I thought was cute here. Then we fancified it up with homemade glitter crayons. And, while you might call glitter the chlamydia of the craft world, my kids claim that these are the coolest things around.


Jennipher said...

"chlamydia of the craft world..." I'm still laughing. adorable valentines:)

cmhd said...

cute idea!

Stephanie said...

That hat! LOVE it! We (Addie and I) are big fans of hats of all kinds.
Super cute Valentine's cards!