Sunday, February 12, 2012

mister smooth.

We took Everett to the monster truck show yesterday. He was in awe. Tonight when I was tucking him in I asked him if he was going to dream about monster trucks.
His response: No.
Me: are you going to dream about motorcycles?
Him: No
Me: jeeps?
He (whispers): I'm going to dream about you, mom.


cmhd said...

My heart melted just a little bit - I love how your boy loves his mama.

Des said...

oh my gosh he is charming! watch out kar! :)

Anonymous said...

Could that child be any cuter if he tried??:) I shared this story with my Pastor friend and he said, "It's so wonderful how your grandson has his priorities straight! Momma is the most important thing in his life!" Yup.

Love you,

Jennipher said...

of course he will:) like Aaron always says, "there's just something special between a boy and his mommy."