Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an open letter to the cashier at target who compared having kids to having a puppy.

Dear Cashier,
I have a dog. And I have kids. I see few similarities between them.
1. My dog spent the entire morning locked in a bathroom.
2. My kids did not.
I wasn't able to be more cordial when you were clearly just trying to make (insane) small talk with me.
Perhaps because my littlest baby has been sick and fell asleep in my arms for the first time since she was tiny I was feeling a little punchy. Perhaps because we were only there because there was no toilet paper in our house and I had 3 kids bundled up with fevers and colds, I just couldn't cope with small talk.

Here she is, my sweet third HUMAN child. Nothing like a dog. Just saying.


cmhd said...

If only that cashier had met Monkey. She should have known better anyway, but if she had met Monkey, she would have REALLY known not to say that. Hope you guys are all feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I had a co-worker, who had no kids, but had cats.... I ignored everything she said. She drove me nuts! In no way, shape,or form are animals the same as human kids!

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