Wednesday, February 29, 2012

suck it, albuterol.

Yesterday my wheezy boy had a 1/2 dose of a breathing treatment at the doctor's office and I was reminded why we go the hippie route whenever possible.


cmhd said...

What is the hippie route for albuterol? Get better! :)

Jennipher said...

sorry for all this horrible sickness...praying friend.

Their Giant said...

CMH-Hippie albuterol :)

I made an appointment for him w/ my naturpath. Hopefully she's got some ideas.

cmhd said...

I think I want to know about hippie albuterol. We don't use it (the non-hippie kind) often, but when we do, we use it a lot. The girl has a standing prescription so we don't need to see the doctor in case we need some.

cmh (ha!) :)

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