Thursday, March 29, 2012

obsession: well fed.

To say that our family has some interesting dietary restrictions would be an understatement. Mister is currently dairy and egg free (except for delicious butter). Nater and I eat very little grain. Claire would like our diet to consist exclusively of hotdogs, pizza and "other tasty stuff." None of us do very much sugar. The two grown ups in the house need a fair amount of coffee each day to maintain civility. You get the idea.

I recently purchased this wonderful cookbook that is even stricter than I am (with myself) and full of recipes that have me wondering if I will give up legumes (peanut butter, I can't quit you). In the two weeks since this book has been on my shelf, I have made 14 recipes. I have never in my life plowed through a cookbook the way I have devoured this one. For this cheese-loving lady, Well Fed has been inspirational. The recipes are easy peasy, rather than feeling restrictive. And (spoiler alert:) they taste good.

Some less picky members of the family even think the book tastes good, but I think that is going too far.
If you're not in the market for another cookbook, the author's website includes loads of great recipes. But if you're like me and need to hold the book in your hands, you won't be sorry. I promise.


Des said...

totally looks like a studio photo shot. you should send it to the author! :) get down Ingrid

Hollie said...

seriously!! now we have more to talk about on our runs.....because for the past week i've done nothing but think about, read about, google, reserve at the library books about going Paleo.....thinking it's time to make a strong RE-commitment to a healthy life and way of it's good to know I can pick your brain about it too! maybe this is another funny way God is answering those prayers (that were disguised as whiny complaints) that i didn't even know I had :) hoping you posts some fave recipes too!

Laurie said...

just downloaded the free 30 page preview but all that did was wet my appetite for more. makes me want to give up my milk fasting! i miss you!