Monday, April 02, 2012

mama math.

In my limited experience as a stay-at-home mother, I maintain that
one boy= 2 girls. Boy energy is just intense. However wild my one boy is (and at moment, he is running the backyard, soaking wet in batman undies), he doesn't really do pouty or manipulative or mean. SO maybe my earlier equation is flawed.

Parenting young children on a rainy day is a billion times harder than on a sunny day. And this is something I know; it rains and rains and rains here. When the weather app on your phone shows an image of a raincloud each day for a week, for an entire month, 65 degrees and dry is cause to celebrate.

Around here, a celebration involves pool time in your undies.


Des said...

my kids too! it was awesome!

cmhd said...

Cute pics (real and mental). :) Glad you got the box, but so sorry I wasn't smart enough to anticipate the kids excitement, and actually put in something that would be exciting to them. Friend Fail.

Angelina Hendricks said...

Since I don't have any girls I can't compare, however, my assumption has always been that my kiddos boys have an extra shot of adrenalin in them. Daniel is running around in the back yard in his Thomas undies right now. Thank you for sunny days in Colorado!

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