Tuesday, April 17, 2012

on having a boy who has a bff.

I spent the morning cracking up at the three year olds in my backseat. Here are some highlights:
Wyatt: I got a motorcycle, Evie.
Everett: Me and my dad made a motorcycle.
Wyatt: Did you?

Everett: Do you like construction sites, Wyatt?
Wyatt: Yes, I do like construction sites.

Everett: Let's kick each other.

Wyatt: Want to lick my boot?
Everett: Ok. Want to smell my stinky old sock?

I love these boys. Hours of entertainment.

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Des said...

"did youuuu" oh i can only imagine the fun! and that picture of the three monkeys is great!Will looks like he wants the heck out of there