Wednesday, May 16, 2012

and the world spins madly on.

Friday night my world started spinning.  I dreamt of oceans and waves and China.
(I wonder if I will forever associate China with nausea?)

It spun on Saturday when Nate and I had perfect morning date: coffee, the scrap metal yard (thank you Jesus for providing for our family that is uniquely ours), garage sales and lunch.

It spun on Sunday when we took scones and coffee to one grandma and then visited the other grandma for church and lunch.

It spun Monday when my Rachel Dratch-alike new doctor told me that that I didn't have an ear infection but VERTIGO.  I wanted a neat little cure.  She told me to "wait it out."

It spun while I cried and grumbled and said over and over that I just want to feel normal.

And then it stopped.  Rest, a visit to the non-Rachel Dratchish chiropractor and an obscene amount of help from the Oma made yesterday work and today, my world has stopped spinning.

And those who depend on this mama to make an upside down world feel safe and good are grateful.


Des said...

dying laughing at Rachel Dratch. I had no idea who she was by name but oh that face.......

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