Monday, June 25, 2012

a boy and his scooter.

For at least six months, Everett has announced that he only wants one thing for his birthday: a scooter.  Everett's birthday isn't until September but we found the perfect cherry red scooter on Saturday morning.  

The next day, we were thrift shopping with the kids after church.  Everett fell in love with a well-worn, dirty scooter.  He showed us tricks in the store.  He scooted around as we shopped.  He may have asked us seventeen times if we could buy that scooter for him.  We looked at each other.  The scooter had a price tag of $6.99 and was no where as nice as the cherry red scoot hiding in the trunk of our van.

When it was time to go, we told him to return the scooter to where he got it.  He didn't complain.  He set his jaw and calmly returned the scooter to the toy section of the thrift store.  We could tell that he was holding back tears.  We are familiar with three year olds, this might be the part of the story where he threw a fit.  But on this day this boy obeyed. It melted this mama's heart.

He took his daddy's hand and walked out of the store without complaint.  And the Dada?  Well, he had a little surprise in the trunk of the van for our boy.  

Over and over, Everett said, "I wanted that scooter and you already had this one for me?"

Just like another Father I know.  One who longs to bless us.  It was one of those rare, perfect moments where we got to feel that Father's heart for us and for our children.  All on a Sunday at the Goodwill.