Thursday, June 14, 2012

recipe for crazy sauce.

It only took me nine days to realize that my boy was struggling. I knew that he was acting out. Being wild. Being naughty. But this morning I woke up and understood why. After a year of mornings where he was the oldest child, big sister came home for the summer. What's a second born child to do but start acting like a crazy man?

I can't believe how hard it felt to manage my own 3 children all day.  After the Dada takes Claire to school, Everett and I usually settle in for a game of "quiet vrumming" (his invention) or boom races (another of his ideas).  Then we clean up from breakfast and prepare for dinner.  Today, I gave Claire a job so my big boy could help make meatballs.  He chopped and stirred and made tiny meatballs for his baby sister.  And life was sweet again.


Jennipher said...

it usually takes me even longer to realize the obvious...been there! raising these babies is a series of constant transition...blessed are the flexible right! xo

Anonymous said...

Nice meatballs, Evie! Love you all.

cmhd said...

Glad you figured it out, and tell Ev those meatballs look awesome!