Friday, July 27, 2012

the claire-athon: instilling the love.

This spring, I signed the kids up for a Kids 3K.  Nate ran with Everett (I believe Everett spent most of the race on his dad's shoulders) and I took Claire.  The course was poorly marked and most of us ended up running a 5K.  (Not Nate and Ev, though because they just turned around at the unmarked turnaround).  Claire was not happy, but she finished the thing.  I figured I had ruined her for running.

Then I had this goofy idea that she could run a marathon one mile at a time this summer.  Yesterday, she completed the final 2 of her 26.2 miles.  While not every mile was glorious or complaint-free, she accomplished something few six year olds have done.  

This goofball chose to "crosstrain" with a unique combination of scooter and as many sticks as he could carry.  Awesome.

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Des said...

the scooter bike method today was by far the most creative "crosstraining" technique! :) so glad Claire finished it!