Thursday, September 20, 2012

project overshare.

The years are short,  but the days are long.  I want to remember this one.

5:15 AM my alarm goes off.  It is black outside.  BLACK.  My plan of sleeping in my running clothes is not enough to get me out of bed.  I don't even bother with snooze.  I just turn the thing off.
6:47 AM  I wake up.  Mentally calculate that I have about 15 minutes til the circus begins.
7:05 AM Wake up my morning person husband.  He makes Claire's lunch, Everett and I make breakfast for the troops.  Read Claire's memory verse together instead of family devotions.  
8:00 AM Nate drives Claire to school.  I somehow manage to get a shower.  Remind Everett that he's not supposed to get into the crib with Ingrid, who is caged up for her own safety and not happy about it.
8:55 AM With Everett dropped off at school, I pick up Weston for a little "baby nap at my house while his big brother gets a haircut action."
10:00 AM  Lay Westy down for nap.  Start dinner prep.
10:15 AM  Ingrid finds a discarded can of coconut milk and slices her finger.  Screams and invites  Westy to join her.
10:25 AM Cuddle baby while applying pressure to her tiny, chubby finger.  Attempt to re-binky Weston with half-naked Ingrid in my arms.  
10:30 AM Wipe blood from every surface of my house, self and child.  Weston sleeps, Ingrid rallies.  I drink coffee.
11:40 AM Boys are home from school, lunch, spilled bubble solution, tears, power wheels. A note from the school that Everett has failed his hearing screening.
12:30 PM The Ws head home.  Everett heads back outside for more power wheels time.
12:35 PM Everett comes in with "the look" on his face.
12:36 PM "Run to the bathroom, buddy...."  "I can't run"  New pants for Everett.
1:00 PM Everett takes a very loud nap.  I read, finish dinner prep, have short phone conversation.
2:00 PM Rest time is over for the big boy.  We make marble tracks and cards. Unprompted, he tells me that he was supposed to raise his hand during the hearing screening but "I didn't.  Because I didn't feel like it."  
2:55 PM Wake up baby so we can pick up Claire at school.
3:06 PM Retrieve my big girl.  Head to the market.  Bribe the kids for good behavior with promises of donuts and the playground.  They do not comply.  Stick to my guns and tell them we won't be having donuts or playing on the playground.  Tears all around.
4:30  PM  Bike riding with one hand, bike riding with eyes shut, band aids for Everett.
5:45 PM Discover that during the aforementioned very loud rest time, Everett had unloaded his dresser and also removed his drawers and bedding.  I send him in to start folding.
6:35 PM He's refolded every piece of laundry in his dresser.  Shower time.  Half a bottle of baby soap down the drain "because I wanted to."  Nate tells him that he's not going to be able to use soap again.  Silently wonder how that's going to work out.
7:00 PM Stories (Beezus and Ramona; Thomas), teeth brushed, prayers, cuddles and to bed.
8:30 PM Claire is back out, catches me eating a treat.  I share.  We agree to wear our matching pink Toms tomorrow.*

*I can't say that pink corduroy Toms would have been my first choice but the joy on my six year old's face when we bought them made them a clear winner.  I have maybe 2 years left when she's going to want to be matchy-match with me.  She already prefers walking into school with friends.  Even on a day like today, I'm glad we still have a few more years where matching shoes with your mama is cool.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

i pictured them swinging him by the ankles.

I asked Everett if he liked preschool.

His response, "Yeah.. I'm the biggest man there."

Then he says, "They waved me at school today."

"They waved you?"  I ask.

"Yep.  I stood on that big white thing like dad has and they waved me."

"What big white thing?" I ask

He starts to get irritated,  "That waver thing, Mom.  That white thing that dad has." 

"Where is the white thing, buddy?" I ask

"It's in the bathroom.  I'm the biggest man in my preschool." He responds, wondering why this is so hard for me to understand.

Waver thing....Weigher thing.... Perhaps a scale?  

Sometimes it takes me a while.  I'm not quite fluent in "big man."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

just keep swimming, first day of school style.

Life is moving at lightening speed. Let's slow things down with gratitude.  Here goes:
306.  Her teacher starts the day with singing.  This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
307. My brave girl on her first day, squeezed my hand in our secret code.
308.  Daytime dates with this crazyman.  Building lego towers, train tracks, cooking together.
309.  We should go for a coffee date, Mom.
310.  Having time to really listen to him.  When I wondered if there would ever be time for my second child to really feel special.  Spoiler alert:  there was.
My house is a mess. I'm behind in everything.  We've yet to hit our stride, but we keep swimming.  Together.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

summer's end.

We took them to Disneyland.  Surprised them in the airport and flew to California.  We left the baby with the Oma.  It was great, but if I had to guess, their favorite experience of the summer may have been this afternoon.  It may have cost $2.  

It may have been in the form of two cans of barbasol.

These two would like to include "end of the summer shaving cream fight" to our growing list of family traditions.