Sunday, September 16, 2012

i pictured them swinging him by the ankles.

I asked Everett if he liked preschool.

His response, "Yeah.. I'm the biggest man there."

Then he says, "They waved me at school today."

"They waved you?"  I ask.

"Yep.  I stood on that big white thing like dad has and they waved me."

"What big white thing?" I ask

He starts to get irritated,  "That waver thing, Mom.  That white thing that dad has." 

"Where is the white thing, buddy?" I ask

"It's in the bathroom.  I'm the biggest man in my preschool." He responds, wondering why this is so hard for me to understand.

Waver thing....Weigher thing.... Perhaps a scale?  

Sometimes it takes me a while.  I'm not quite fluent in "big man."


Des said...

hahahaha! this picture is so perfect of him. I can totally hear his voice with that smile all proud!

cmhd said...

He's looking so grown up! Cute story. :)

Anonymous said...

That's our boy!

Love, OMA