Wednesday, October 10, 2012

embracing the camera.

Every year in August, I print and bind our blog into a blurb book.  It is cool to have all of my words and pictures in one place for the kids to someday look back through.  As we looked at the finished result, I realized that there was a serious lack of me in the pictures.  I was better at getting in front of the camera when it was just Claire and me.  I'm going to make steps to take more pictures of myself, so that the kids have a record of this tired woman who loves them like crazy.
I don't want to wait for the right hairstyle or weight to get into the picture.  And it could be years before the dark circles under my eyes disappear.  I love this picture because it looks so much like one I took with my big girl when she was this age.

And you, Ru.  You are changing before my eyes.  You don't speak much, but you'll say, "I ME!" when we ask your name.  And yesterday, you said "cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese." over and over.  In our mostly dairy-free house, you were thrilled to get a little cheddar.