Friday, January 11, 2013

magic girl.

She is always listening.  I forget that sometimes.  But this girl is always listening.  And as the Mister and I planned our day, she began to weep.  The pool sounded so much more fun than school.   She cried in my arms.  "I just feel sad, Mom.  It seems like Everett is always with you and I am in school.  I just want to be with you too."

And then I cried a bit too, because this girl is magic.

"Clairegirl, do you know that I miss you when you're at school too?"

I remind her that she alone got to be the baby who would nap in my arms each day.  I remind her of our adventures before the others came.  And then I remind her of her magic.

"You, sweetgirl,"  I whisper.  "You are the one who made me a mommy."  And there is a tiny smile.

She skips out to the car, ready for another adventure.  This one without me.


Hollie said...

Hands down this is the sweetest post ever! Perfect words! Beautiful girl! And oh that face only a brother could make!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

yep. what she said.

Des said...

they are so magical aren't they?!?! good words mama

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