Thursday, February 21, 2013


Did you know that I have two boys?  One is the 47 pound beefcake that I birthed myself and the other came eight days earlier, is full of questions and takes all of Everett's hand-me-downs.  

Each night before bed he asks when Wyatt is moving.  He tells me he's not sure Wyatt will have friends at his new school.  I think he's been afraid that one morning he's going to wake up and Wyatt is just going to be gone.  In a month, Everett's dearest friend will move 30 minutes away and while I understand that it really isn't that far, to a four year old (and some 36 year olds) it feels far and it feels sad.  We have been blessed to have each other.  All of us.  These boys, running wild, fighting, sharing legos and peeing on trees in numerous inappropriate locations.  

"I don't have any friends at school, just Wyatt."  He tells me one morning.  

"That isn't true, buddy."  I remind him.

"Okay, Mom.  But Wyatt is my best friend.  Everyone else is just my regular friend."

"I know, honey.  I know."


Des said...

love those moon boots! and so glad for these best friends. on all levels

Anonymous said...

Ok, so it's not fair to make the Oma cry first thing in the morning! Love that boy!

Jennipher said...

that's hard and makes me sad:( xo

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