Monday, March 18, 2013

ingrid ru, today you are 2.

Two years ago today you came out of me looking like a gigantic Samoan.  You have always been full of surprises.

To celebrate you, we had a little family pirate bunny birthday party.  Fitting, for the girlie who exclusively says, "Aye!" instead of yes and who remains deeply in love with Bobby Bunny (v 2.0).  My favorite part of the party was watching you opening gifts.  I've never met a two year old who exclaims "Cute, Mommy, Cute!" when opening clothes.

You are full of fire and sweetness.  You have certain lullabies that you love and others are dead to you.  You talk all day long.  You give fantastic hugs.  You are not a morning person.  You really really love food.  You love to wear everyone else's shoes.  It is still weird for me to have a two year old call me Mommy instead of Mama, but that is how it is with you.  You watch those big kids and you follow along.  When I rock you at night, I will whisper in your ear, "say Mama."  And you will, for a while.

I'm so glad you're my girl.