Friday, March 22, 2013

where you go i'll go.

od·ys·sey  (noun):

A long and eventful journey
Can't wait to tell you about what God is birthing in this family.  It is good to be His.  And no, we are not moving.  And I'm not pregnant.


Anonymous said...

GREAT photo! every single one of you looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me! You all look great!

cmhd said...

You're getting in the minivan and coming to visit me? Yay! Bring some a Wally & some Kondeterei with you! :) (wishful thinking?)

Micah Kavedzic said...

I will be checking this blog hourly until the next update!

Anonymous said...

I second Micah... I have checked it Daily since the 22nd. Whats up mama, and I miss you!

Anonymous said...

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