Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Dear Claire,
Last week, you had a birthday.  Sometimes I miss the days when I would craft you a sweet letter each month to mark your progress, but pesky tasks like feeding everyone dinner and showering prevent me to dote on you with the fervor of a first time mom.  Know that I love you girlie, even if your sweet birthday letter is a bit on the late side.

You choose a Wreck it Ralph/Art/Princess birthday party.  Because I am your mom, I may have baked cupcakes at 3 AM after the cake collapsed the night before.  Dad was certain we could salvage the cake with frosting, but I was unconvinced.

Also in April, you donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love.  After the haircut, you looked nervous and I asked if you wanted to cry.  You said, "maybe."  Then we sat quietly together in the mall.  A minute later, you were jumping up, happy to choose a couple of special headbands to mark the day.

And before you got used to the new cut:

April was a whirlwind.  You out-read the entire first grade for the read-a-thon and won a gift card to the local bookstore, you sang in your spring concert and last weekend you visited San Francisco with dad for a family wedding.  You danced the night away with your grandma and cousins.  Word on the street is you got room service waffles and quite a lot of In and Out Burger.  Not bad for seven.

I love you Clairegirl. 



cmhd said...

Thanks for sharing your girlie with us...we love you, Claire, and wish you a happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe you have a 7 year old! I can't believe how fast it feels like it is going! Happy Birthday Claire girl!

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