Sunday, August 18, 2013

to begin again.

I feel like I've been a newbie runner for four years.  Every time I get past the initial "I really hate running" phase of running, I end up either injured or pregnant or the weather changes and I forgo running for indoor pursuits such as baking and eating baked goods.

This summer, I'm at it again.  Remembering why I love to run.  I really want to keep it up.  But I don't have faith that I'll ever be more than a fair weather runner.  I'd love suggestions on how to maintain when the weather turns soggy.  Thankfully, there is no pregnancy in my future, but I don't have a great track record (pun intended) of running when the daylight hours dwindle.  Help, please?

Only slightly related: Ingrid Ru shouted, "Let's run guys!" at the park today, dropped my hand and sprinted ahead.  Cowgirl boots and all.