Saturday, October 26, 2013

the big game.

Today was Everett's final flag football game of the season.  For a kid who spent the first several practices climbing trees and perfecting dance moves, he improved tremendously.  I was proud of his hustle.  Proud of the way that he listened to his coaches and proud most of all when he ran off field to give hugs to his sisters.

We spent eight weeks of Saturdays bundled in scarves and boots to watch his team play the same opponents every week on the same field at the same time.  Impressive, considering the lack of sportiness in this house.  It's funny to me the way that families are woven together.  That somehow two non-athletes ended up with a boy who loves to play anything with a ball.

I tell him the same thing every week, "I love to watch you play."  And I mean it.