Tuesday, November 05, 2013

status update: why i am (still) not on facebook.

People seem a little jealous of my "unfriendable" status, yet remain unable make the leap and unplug from the thing.  Here are my reasons for avoiding Facebook in no particular order:
  • I don't want another point of contact.  I can be reached by phone, text or email.  Three points of contact feel like enough.
  • I like the natural ebb and flow of relationships.  It seems like a lot of work to maintain relationships with people that I wouldn't recognize in person.  Just because we were friends in first grade, doesn't mean that we know each other.
  • I'm lazy.  I don't want to learn a new thing.  Or at least not that new thing.
  • I'm insecure.  Seeing your beautiful vacation photos is probably going to make me feel crappy about our vacation in a way that talking to you about your vacation wouldn't.  Sidenote:  one time I was scrolling through my instagram photos and I'm not even kidding when I say didn't recognize those beautiful pictures as my own life.  
  • Being off of Facebook forces people to tell you their stories, like for real.  People sort of skip over the good parts because they've already posted the bulk of it on Facebook.  Since I'm not on there, I get the long version.  When my dear friend in Seattle had a baby girl instead of the boy that 2 ultrasounds predicted, I got a phone call because she knew I wasn't going to read about it on Facebook.  
So there you have it.  Lately being unconnected to Facebook has presented challenges that have me questioning my status.  Any opinions?  Am I missing out?


Anonymous said...

i don't think you are missing anything important.

Dana Gay said...

You don't need it! I unplug every six months for at least two months(at least) because people are just annoying... And I want to be able to love them face book does not help me with that... I say stay off. ;)
Your vaca looked rad btw!!!

cmhd said...

Unless you have far flung family that you want to stay connected with, facebook is not worth it. I use it to stay in touch with family across the world, and it works for that, but the people that I am really close with, I am going to talk on the phone either way. You're not missing out. :)

Micah Kavedzic said...

I love fb because of the pictures. I like to see all the little kids my friends far away are raising. But, I give you permission to stay off because you are the only friend I have who has a blog and keeps it updated regularly. I get to see your kids more than most:). THANKS! Mike