Monday, February 17, 2014

dear claire.

When you remember today I hope you remember that I put bacon on your salad and that we played at the Gilbert House.  I hope you remember that I brushed your hair for ballet and let you build a fort in the living room.   Please remember how I blindfolded you so you could practice walking without being able to see, because for some inexplicable reason, this was important to you today.

I hope you forget the moments that I so desperately needed a do-over.  When I was sharp and impatient and irritable.

It's easy with the oldest one to expect perfection.  To forget to see that you are small because you're so much bigger than your brother and sister.  Today, I am grateful for grace and do-overs and the power of bacon on a salad.

I love you, Clairegirl.


Unknown said...

bacon always wins kar!

Jennipher said...

"it's easy with the oldest one to expect perfection..." true. thank you for the gentle reminder.

Dana Gay said...

Yes! Thank you!