Sunday, May 25, 2014

i want to remember, quotes from today.

Ingrid Ru:  I want to be a princess and a fireman when I grow up.

Claire Elisabeth:  If we were kids at the same time, do you think we'd be buddies, Mom?

Yes, sweetgirl, I'm sure of it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

on giving the right gifts.

If you know me at all you know that I am a gift person.  Of the love languages giving gifts is probably the most shallow, but it happens to be my favorite.

Next week, Nate has a big deadline for work and in an effort to help him, I planned an elaborate outing with the kids for today so that he could get some work done.  I thought I was being helpful. He told me he didn't think this was a good idea.  And I was irritated.   What he wanted?  To take the three of them to the park to play baseball.  I could not relate.  I am never alone, I was offering him the exact gift that I wanted, but it wasn't what he needed.  He needed those three noisy toothlessless ones.  Hitting balls and climbing all over him.

Last night my wise husband sat across from me at dinner and asked me what I really wanted.  In a small voice, I told him I wanted the house to myself.  And by 9 AM the vanagon was loaded up and they were off for an adventure.

Sometimes you have to listen in order to offer the gift that is truly wanted.  And, harder still, sometimes you have to speak in order to receive the gift you need.  Because really, who wants to give the wrong gift?  Not this girl.