Saturday, November 15, 2014

hi, lyna.

I saw an old friend this morning that informed me that I am a good writer who never writes anything anymore.  Um, thank you?  Somewhere between child number 2 and child number 3, I completely lost my ability to write anything more exciting than a grocery list.

This from the girl who was writing (horrible, cringe-worthy) poetry as a child and writing for the student newspaper through high school and college.

I miss telling my stories, but I rarely slow myself enough to write them down.  The kids are growing (like weeds).  Life has just gotten busier.  We run at a pace that I don't love but I don't know how to change.  It is difficult to collect your thoughts when there is flag-football and ballet practice and where's my library book?  and friday folders and important room-mom related emails to send.

Just sitting in the chair is hard.  I am more distracted than ever.  Last night I watched an old episode of "Parenthood" while online shopping and cleaning out my closet.  This is not good.  I think that if I fill my ears up with noise, it is easier to ignore my beating heart.  The heart that beats to produce more than a grocery list, no matter how epic.

Eight years ago, I chose to stay home and nurture my small baby because that was what I wanted to do.  I knew that if I wanted to return to work, I absolutely could, but I didn't want to miss out on her.  Even though I chose to be home, it was still hard.  Part of what kept me sane in those first lonely months, was my body in a chair, my hands on a keyboard, my words on a page.  I find this still true as ever.

Thanks, Lyna.  For reminding me.


Cmhd said...

Thanks to Lyna, too. :) You're one of my favorites to see pop up on the ole' blog reader. :)

Lyna said...

Oh Kari how I loved seeing this post and hearing from your beating heart! Although I don't get what it is like to be a momma of 3 kiddos, I do get that keeping your blog updated is low priority. You are a wonderful momma and I do just love seeing it in the blogosphere. Love you lady and so good to see you :) BTW, who is CMHD?

Jennipher said...

thank you "Nyna" for encouraging this gifted Kari-girl to share her beautiful words with us. And thank you Kari for sitting down to write.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back, I've missed you! <3 Brenda

Anonymous said...

Auntie Meleanor wishes blogspot had a 'like' button,
but I decided it was better to actually say that I really enjoyed reading this post this morning.:) And speaking of epic grocery lists, can't wait for food olympics.

Their Giant said...

CMHD is my super-secret friend who lives in another state. You don't know her, but she likes to remain anonymous. :)

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