Tuesday, March 17, 2015

in the thick of it.

We have been through it.  Oh, March how you came in like a lion and treated us like crap.

We have had someone sick in our house since March 2.  Today is the 17th.  And this mama is still coughing like an 80 year old pack-a-day smoker.  I annoy myself when people ask how I am and I can't even muster a response, because it's just getting OLD.

We have been sick.  Really, really sick.  Like self-employed husband, who didn't take any time off when we had our babies was too sick to get out of bed for a week sick.  4 prescriptions sick.  Tell your college roommate who is visiting from BOSNIA that you are unable to get together because there is no way she wants this plague upon her sweet pregnant self and precious baby girls before heading home via INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT.

We've been ALL CAPS sick.  We've been no grocery shopping except for Nyquil, and vitamins, extra humidifier-purchasing and orange juice-guzzling sick.

A fun feature of illness with young children (at least my young children) is that we have seen every animal-does-sports movie known to Netflix.  I have seen a dolphin beat the olds and swim with a prosthetic tale, I watched a chimpanzee snowboard, another chimp become a spy, a zebra go on a quest to find his stripes and the entire Air Bud cannon.

And I am just so over myself and my germs that I could scream.