Thursday, August 13, 2015

objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Life has been moving at a pace that I can't sustain.  For example, this morning's agenda:
9:00- Deliver Claire to art camp.  During drive to art camp, call Nate to ask him to put the carnitas that I made for lunch in the oven.
9:15- Stop at grocery store, pick up remaining stuff for lunch.
9:20- Ten minute clean up at home, plus drop off groceries.
9:40-Pick up coffee for myself and a friend.
10:00-Playdate with Everett and Ingrid's friends at the park.
11:35- Sideswipe a Dodge Caravan while attempting to return a magic fairy book to the library.


Thankfully, I wasn't texting while I was driving when I caused the accident.  Though, I'm not sure trying to turn into the library from the center lane was my brightest moment.

There are things I like to do that I am not doing because I am driving around like a crazed taxi driver.

When we bounced off of that caravan, I understood that something's got to change.  I bristle at words like "self care" because, quite honestly, I think we're all really good at caring for ourselves.  But the truth is this pace, this busy isn't good for anyone.  The sad part of today is that I really didn't have time to sideswipe the Caravan because I needed to pick Claire up at art camp, scoot her over to her best buddy's house and then head home so I could host three little boys for lunch.  UGH.

Side note:  Claire has become hilarious.  Her two comments about my wreck, "Too bad we're not in England, Mom."  (I knocked the driver side mirror right off) and "We should paint on the window of our car, objects in mirror are much closer than they appear."

We have had a wonderful summer in a lot of ways, but this mommy is weary.  It is time to lay the calendar bare.  To say yes to single-tasking.  To stop running around like a crazed taxi driver.  It is time to be grateful and to live big.